Recovery Housing

Home of New Vision Recovery HomesHome of New Vision Recovery HomesIt can be extremely challenging for individuals in early recovery to sustain that recovery if they return from treatment directly to their normal living environment, with all its triggers to use. A recovery residence offers an intermediate step that provides the recovering individual with time to practice and solidify recovery in a safe, substance-free environment, and to develop healthy habits, activities, and connections to people and places that promote sustained recovery.

Home of New Vision provides recovery housing for women and men who desire to live in a substance-free environment. Clients who are committed to recovery are provided with a safe, structured and supported living environment that fosters personal, spiritual and emotional growth. Clients must abstain from alcohol and illegal drug use while living in Home of New Vision’s recovery residences.

The program provides peer-to-peer recovery support in a shared living environment, where residents develop and practice skills for living a clean and sober lifestyle while supporting each other, working, and attending 12-step or other recovery-based meetings. The program enables clients to build and develop resources that will support sustained recovery as they transition to living independently in the community.

There are 3 Ways to Enroll!

  1. Call us at 734.332.4910 Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  2. Print out the “Recovery Residence Housing Application and Rules” with the link below and email it to
  3. Fill out the application using the electronic form below

Recovery Residence Housing Application and Rules

Contact – DaMira Anderson, Housing Coordinator at 734.332.4910 or fax 734.332.4911