Home of New Vision provides a full continuum of prevention, crisis, treatment, and peer-based services to meet people where ever they are at in their journey.

Clinical Services

Our team of licensed professionals are able to offer a wide range of clinical services to people with substance use and mental health disorders. Home of New Vision provides both residential and outpatient treatment programs designed to provide the appropriate level of care depending on our clients needs.

Crisis Intervention

We provide a number of safety net services to help those actively struggling with substance use disorder. The Engagement Center is a sort-term crisis intervention facility, offering a safe alternative to the emergency department. Additionally, our ROOT program is on call 24/7 to provide support and resources to overdose victims

Recovery Support

From recovery housing to peer-based recovery support, our recovery support services link clients to the support and resources needed to maintain long term recovery. These programs link individuals to housing, transportation, employment, physical health care, support groups, and other resources that

Community Initiatives

Recovery doesn't happen with out community support. From community education events to organizing advocacy efforts for people in recovery and their allies, our programs look to highlight all of the wonderful things that come from recovery that provide hope to those still struggling with substance use disorder.


View our resource guide that will walk you through the process one step at a time.