Women’s Specialty Helps Mothers in Need

By Christina Mersereau

In 2019, Home of New Vision opened its doors to over 2000 individuals, most of whom are from the underserved–the underinsured or not insured–segment of our community. By and large, our clients have jobs, children and often other members of their extended families to support. Many rely on public transportation or walking to get from place to place.

Our Women’s Specialty Program is an example of what we do in the community. The program is for women who are either pregnant, want to become pregnant, and/or have young children. These individuals also have substance use disorder, and many have co-occurring disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and so on. The WSP treats all of these conditions, in addition to providing relief from the pressures of day-to-day life.

Through counseling, emotional support and guidance, women in the program learn how to be better parents, how to connect with other women in recovery and how to manage their daily stresses. The program allows women to explore their identities as mothers in recovery, enabling substantial personal growth. It is especially important that these women remain in recovery, in order to be present for their families, and the WSP teaches them how to use tools and strategies to strengthen their recovery. For more information about the Women’s Specialty Program, please click here.