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2020 Vision

By Myisha Cunningham What is recovery Church? It is a group of people who work the twelve steps together through the lens of Jesus. We are 100% a 12-step program, but also 100% a church. The question becomes what kind of church do we want to be? While the mission of a church ideally stays the same, the vision of the church has some flexibility. It is usually subject to change as the community around it changes. Aubrey Malphurs, professor of pastoral ministries at Dallas Theological Seminary and author of over a dozen books relating to ministry states, “the vision…

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A Local Recovery Testimonial

By Hanna Burgess My experience with marijuana can be summed up in two concepts: shame and  missed opportunity.  I have been an anxious, nerdy type since before I can remember.  When I was 14 I started dating a boy who was a typical stoner. I took my first bong hit and I really thought I had stumbled onto the cure.  It helped me chill; it helped me focus my racing thoughts. Beyond that it gave me a social group and a social activity. (“You wanna come over and burn one?”) In my sophomore year, I was expelled from high school…

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Riley Kidd

Cross Cultural Recovery

By Riley Kidd How does recovery relate to all individuals with regard to substance use disorders? I have seen here in Jackson, MI, that a very small percentage of the minority population has not been able to relate to recovery, let alone the addiction that comes beforehand. I have seen that a lot of the focus of treatment has been on the opioid and meth situation but much of what affects the other population is either ignored or caregivers don’t have an understanding of how to approach it.  National studies in the United States indicate that African Americans and Hispanic…

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