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Case Management
Home of New Vision Case Managers

Community Case Management

Home of New Vision's Community Case Management Program provides intensive community outreach to and advocacy for homeless individuals with substance use and co-occurring disorders. Persons with substance use and/or co-occurring disorders often find themselves surrounded by barriers that are all but impossible to overcome without assistance. Each barrier contributes to the strength of another - substance use, unemployment, homelessness, and an absence of "clean" family or friends.

When an individual begins working with the program, he or she is assigned to a case manager who can act as an advocate in planning and linking the individual to resources, while providing continuity across the spectrum of care. Our team of case managers assists individuals by utilizing a strength-based model that focuses on identifying each individual's unique strengths, as well as understanding the individual's needs and desires for the future. In consultation with a case manager, each individual has the opportunity to create a goal plan that incorporates the individual's strengths, needs, and desires.

Through ongoing assessment and referral, case managers assist individuals through a maze of resources to address treatment and recovery needs, medical care, employment services, legal issues, and housing. While advocating for each client's unique set of needs and desires, case managers forge positive connections with community agencies and work directly with community partners to remove barriers.

This program addresses the specific needs of homeless individuals with substance use and/or co-occurring disorders who have difficulty remaining engaged in a recovery path due to unstable environmental conditions and limited stable relationships. Program goals are rooted in a recovery-oriented system of care, and focus on enabling individuals to become successfully engaged in a treatment continuum through the maintenance of continuous relationships with a recovery-based case manager and peer recovery supports. Peer recovery supports provide a unique perspective that is rooted in the recovery culture, having experienced their own addiction and recovery struggles. Home of New Vision's Community Case Management Program model was designed by professionals and individuals from within the recovery community, and is strongly valued as a partnership to improve the system of care by layering resources.