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Home of New Vision Recovery Housing Rules and Regulations

  1. No firearms or other weapons allowed on premises.
  2. No female | male visitors allowed in the house unless pre-approved by staff.
  3. No visitors allowed in any sleeping area.
  4. ** No alcohol or other drugs allowed on premises.
  5. ** No consumption of alcohol or other drugs on or off premises.
  6. All residents will attend a minimum of seven (7) abstinence-based support group (e.g. AA or NA, SMART etc.) meetings a week once employed or eleven (11) meetings if unemployed. Signed meeting attendance sheets will be collected weekly at the house meeting. Meeting sheets are subject to be checked at any time.
  7. ** All residents will be employed within three weeks of entering transition or enrolled in school at least 3/4 time. You may not be employed earlier than 6:00 am or later than 7:00 pm unless pre-approved by staff.
  8. All residents will have a curfew of 11 pm Sunday through Thursday night and 12 am on Friday and Saturday. Passes to stay out past curfew or overnight must be pre-approved by staff at least 48 hours in advance.
  9. All residents will be required to do weekly house chores. Failure to complete will result in a sanction.
  10. All residents will keep their personal areas clean and neat. The bed will be made before leaving the house.
  11. All residents will be subject to random drug screens by staff or house manager. Drug screens will be administered after an overnight pass upon return.
  12. Vehicles are permitted after a minimum 30 days residency AND staff approval. Vehicles must be legally registered and insured. The owner must have a valid drivers license.
  13. All medications will be reported to staff and any unauthorized use will be grounds for discharge.
  14. All medications will be kept out of sight of the other residents at all times. **No Sharing of medications with other residents at any time.
  15. No smoking inside the house. There are designated smoking areas that are available to residents.
  16. All residents will respect the property of the house and the personal property of the other residents.
  17. Residents are expected to remove personal belongings upon termination of residency. Residents that leave without notice will have 48 hours to claim their belongings. After 48 hours, all unclaimed property will be disposed of.
  18. No food or beverages other than water allowed in the bedrooms.
  19. ** All residents are required to make weekly housing payments. Home of New Vision reserves the right to amend the payment schedule based on individual circumstances such as paycheck schedules of the resident. All rents will be due in advance. Residents will have the option to pay monthly as well.
  20. The House Manager is responsible for guiding the recovery focus of the house. All residents will abide by the house manager’s direction on house issues. Any complaints may be directed to staff and will be handled according to Home of New Vision’s policy.
  21. All residents are required to attend a weekly house meeting. This will be the time to resolve any issues emerging in the house and to receive chore lists. Rent will be due at the house meeting as well.
  22. Home of New Vision reserves the right to terminate residency for any resident in transitional housing based on any behaviors that are destructive to a healthy, sobriety enhancing environment.

Grounds for immediate Discharge

I have read and agree to follow the rules and regulations of the Home of New Vision. I understand that if I do not, I can be discharged and my residency terminated. Check the box in the form above and sign electronically.