Motivation to Change

A six week gender specific group which provides information about the disease of addiction, education about the ramifications of abuse and assists individuals in   moving through the stages of change:

  • precontemplation
  • contemplation   
  • decision
  • action
  • maintenance 
  • lapse or relapse

Goals and steps are developed based on where you are for each goal. .

Decisions That Impact Tomorrow (DIT)

The Decisions that Impact Tomorrow (DIT) program is designed for young adults ages 18-20 who have received their first Minor in Possession (MIP) charge. Referrals are made from various courts throughout Southeastern Michigan. The program educates participants regarding the progression of substance use and addiction, as well as the health and social effects of alcohol consumption and drug use.

We assist participants in conducting a cost-benefit analysis of ending substance use, developing goals (short and long-term) that encourage abstinence, developing refusal skills, and creating a plan to avoid substance use in the future. DIT focuses on the issues faced by college students and younger adults, with a focus on overcoming the pressures to consume alcohol in a college setting where use of alcohol is seen as the norm.

Chemical Education

group treatmentWeekly group sessions that provide information and education to increase  awareness of the disease of substance use disorders, examine the person’s use.   Group conducts an examination of history of use, resulting consequences of continued use, benefits of changing use, and the social aspects of use. We explore peer pressure and help identify people that will support and assist them in their goal to not use, and develop a change action plan.

Relapse Prevention

Six week group which assists persons in early recovery to identify:

  • factors that lead to relapse
  • defining and overcoming those factors and
  • developing a plan based on individual needs