Assessment and Referrals

People who are actively in recovery often require assistance to correct past mistakes. In addition, people seeking to begin the recovery process require assistance in determining and accessing appropriate treatment and aftercare programs. Serving clients in a non-judgmental fashion is paramount for honest connection to the client. Home of New Vision’s Assessment and Referral Program provides effective and impartial assessment and referral services to adult and adolescent clients with current and/or past substance use disorder issues. We determine the appropriate level of care, providing connection to treatment, education and prevention services, as well as mental health, legal, family, or medical referrals as needed.

The Assessment and Referral Program serves clients referred from courts, Friend of the Court, Child Protective Services, Secretary of State, private attorneys, and other service agencies. We perform psychosocial diagnostic assessments and utilize the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Criteria to determine level of care needs. In addition, DSM-5 diagnoses are applied where appropriate. After the assessment, clients are informed of the results and are given recommendations regarding services and level of care needs. If appropriate, referrals are given for treatment, education/prevention, legal, mental health, family and/or medical services.

Common Reasons for Seeking Assessment and Referral Services:

Evaluations for courts, Friend of the Court, Schools, Department of Human Services, Attorneys, Private Referrals: The client and/or referral source will receive a written bio-psychosocial diagnostic summary outlining the findings of the evaluation and any recommendations.

Secretary of State Driver’s License Reinstatement Evaluations: Home of New Vision provides substance abuse evaluations and drug screens for persons seeking driver license reinstatement from the Secretary of State.

For more information about requirements and pricing please call Home of New Vision at 734-975-1602.