One thought on “Ashton

  1. Hi this message is for Ashton. I’m a friend from awhile back and I understand if you don’t want to speak with me because of everything that you went through but I truly miss our friendship and never knew you were addicted. I just across a story on channel 4 that you participated in and am in tears. I miss you so much and just want to let you know I’m doing good and hope that one day you will want to message me back. You helped me through a very hard time in my life as I transitioned from male to female and I don’t know. I just really miss you and was so happy to see that you are doing great! I think you likely cut me out of your life because u may have cut all people from those times out of it and totally understand. But I don’t know, I’m just so proud of you! I wanted you to know that!
    Hope to hear back from you

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