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Racism and Recovery

(Home of New Vision is not responsible for content written by Guest Authors) By Myisha Uni Cunningham Step 2: Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. As a person in long term recovery and as a black woman, I have noticed a few things that make you go “hmm” (eyebrow raised for emphasis). Let us start at the beginning. What is sanity? Sanity is the ability to think and behave in a normal and rational manner. What is insanity? It is defined as mentally ill, extreme foolishness, or irrationality. Can we agree the…

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A Mother in Recovery

By Brooke Page Being a mother is challenging. Being a Mother in Recovery is even more challenging. For two years now I have been a Mother in Recovery—challenging, to say the least. Countless obstacles, sleepless nights, not to mention the “girl drama,” back talking and disrespect that came along with one teenage boy and three teenage girls.  I should probably tell you, I have four children, Ethen (18), Emilie (16), Cameron (13), and Elizabeth (11). These obstacles I was facing were nothing I had been expecting. So, a short glimpse into my story. Being a woman with a 17-year Hustle…

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Different Cultural Mindsets

By Sherry Clark As a Recovery Coach I have connected with people whose cultures are from a different mindset.  I wish all people would embrace unfamiliar cultures. It has opened up a whole new experience for me. It’s OK if we don’t talk alike, dress alike, or relate alike. We are all unique people no matter what cultural background we come from. We all have different opinions, ideas and lifestyles. Learning about the history and culture of others has been an eye opener for me. For example, I have a good friend in recovery and we come from different sides…

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Fund Raiser Form

Please join us to support a great mission at 5 Below!

Check out WRAP’s new fundraiser coming up soon! You can help for the price of an afternoon of shopping fun! WRAP (Washtenaw Recovery Advocacy Project), which is a program of Home of New Vision, is having a fundraiser on November 20th-22nd, 2020 at the 5 Below on Washtenaw Ave, please see the attached flyer for details.  In order for WRAP to receive any portion of sales, the flyer must be presented at time of purchase. Download printable .pdf here! The purpose of this fundraiser is to raise funds for WRAP to engage individuals in early recovery. The money will be used…

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