One Woman’s Story

Jaimi is a client in the Women’s Specialty Program

By Christina Mersereau, rewritten from the original by Aileen Vazquez

This is a true story. Zoe is not her real name.

Zoe, 26, came to Home of New Vision a month after her grandmother took her to detox, and learned she was pregnant. She had hoped that by quitting the substances and relying on her love for her other children, that she could get back on her own feet herself. She found she could not—it was just too hard. Zoe had experienced a great deal of pain and trauma in her life from emotional and physical abuse, and found comfort in drugs and alcohol. This helped her to manage her mental health symptoms as well, at least, that’s what she thought. Zoe entered into Home of New Vision’s Women’s Specialty Program broken, and began seeing a therapist there. She worked a recovery plan tailored to her needs. Her life began to change.

Zoe worked hard at her recovery. She wanted it more than anything, and was willing to walk the walk as well as talk the talk. She became active in both Narcotics and Alcoholics Anonymous, attending meetings every day, and sometimes more than that. She continued to see her HNV therapist every week. She explored her identity as a pregnant woman in recovery, and a mother, and continued to address her mental health issues. The HNV psychiatrist handled her medications, which helped reduce cravings for drugs and kept her moods stable. By all accounts, Zoe is a success story.

Today, Zoe’s little girl is one and a half years old, Zoe remains in recovery, and she has a supportive and loving partner. Her two boys are in elementary school and love having their mom back. Zoe loves her life now and realizes she has everything she ever wanted. Because of her recovery, she is able to be fully present to enjoy her partner and young family.

Zoe’s story is hopeful, but it is not unique. There are numerous women who have the same problems and needs as Zoe, and so many of them do not get treatment. Women’s Specialty works almost entirely with women who are low income, like Zoe, and are pregnant and/or have small children. They often have needs they are unable to meet, such as car seats, cribs, diapers, formula, and bottles. Women’s Specialty also works with other agencies to acquire clothing vouchers, bus tokens, housing vouchers, and legal assistance.  It’s an all-inclusive program that relies heavily on external relationships and support.

Would you please help our women (and children) in recovery? Did you know that for $100 you could help us purchase a car seat for a newborn? That $220 will pay someone’s assessment fee? And for $600 you could pay a month’s rent in one of our residential recovery houses? Women’s Specialty treats hundreds of women each year, and your support helps make that possible. We need YOU!

Thank you for your support. I cannot tell you how much it helps, and how much we appreciate you! May we all be warm and healthy this holiday season, and blessings to you and your family!

Kind regards,

Christina Mersereau

Marketing and Development Manager